Carmen Wulfers, our head chef and menu wizard extraordinaire, has been in the hospitality industry for almost a decade. Her extensive knowledge of wine, spirits, and quality food has earned her serious bragging rights. As a Nashville unicorn (born and raised in Music City), her passion is serving tasty food intentionally and perfectly paired with a glass of wine.

Emily McCoy is our master of vibe and brings a genuine presence with her. She believes creating an inspiring and inviting ambience is a sacred task. She hales from Mississippi, "The Hospitality State", so naturally, she's got a knack for making others feel welcome at the table. She moved to Nashville in 2011 and has accumulated an eclectic work experience in home design, marketing, and the service industry.


Ultimately, we enjoy bringing hospitality on all fronts with a high standard of excellence. We strive to foster an evening of connectedness for you and your guests. That means we plan the menu, purchase the groceries, cook and serve you the meal, refill your water and wine glasses, and clean the dishes at the end.




The odds of you having a good time are highly in your favor.