Is there a maximum or minimum number of guests for an Em/C Hospitality event?

For seated events, we have a minimum of 8 and maximum of 40 guests.

For standing events (mix and mingle vibe), we have a maximum of 150 guests (no minimum).


Can you accommodate your menus for diet restrictions or preferences?

100% - we completely customize your menu with you. We are able to prepare completely organic, vegetarian, and vegan meals for you.


How much does an EM/C Hospitality event cost?

For seated events, pricing begins at $75 per person.

For standing events, pricing begins at $30 per person.


Do you provide plates, linens, utensils, etc.?

Yes, if needed. This would be factored in to the per person price.


Do you serve family style or plated dinners?

We are able to offer both.


Do you ever offer public, ticketed events?

We do! Join our mailing list below to get updates on our next pop-up dinner.


Have more questions? Just ask!