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Turbo Air Inc. designs, manufacturers, and distributes innovative, energy-efficient refrigerators, kitchen equipment, and merchandising solutions for the commercial market. We are home to many groundbreaking technologies, including the first and only Self-Cleaning Condenser system for refrigeration, energy-saving fan controllers for refrigerators, and built-in high-temperature alarms for glass-door merchandisers and uprights. In addition, we offer many Energy Star certified products, including more than 120 Energy Star certified refrigeration models that use only natural refrigerants and 37 Energy Star certified heated cabinets. We constantly strive to develop and improve our product line to be more energy-efficient and user-friendly. As a result, more and more restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers depend on our designs to reduce energy consumption, showcase and prepare products, and minimize maintenance and downtimes. Our more than 1,100 products are available through an extensive network of kitchen equipment suppliers and dealers.

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