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Introducing a new name in Vacuum Solutions featuring brands you already know and trust. We believe high-quality professionals deserve the very best. That's exactly what our strategic partnerships allow us to deliver.

Henkelman Vacuum and CombiVac Sealers provide added versatility and power to any professional space in the food service & food production / manufacturing industries and beyond. Henkelman is a global leader in vacuum sealer machines, and uncompromising in their commitment to quality, support, and customer success. As the sole importer for Henkelman vacuum sealers, we're a globally trusted brand serving the US market with the same core values from our facility in Elmhurst, Illinois.

GreenVAC vacuum seal bags and vacuum seal pans provide intelligent vacuum solutions for the Kitchens of the Future. Products stay fresh longer with less waste and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable initiative to any kitchen.

Together, these solutions serve as the building blocks for the endless potential that comes with CombiVac and GreenVac technology.

As product experts in the Food service & production Industries for over 20 years, we understand the challenge to always stay above the fray. Balancing health codes, budgets, ROI’s, and schedules is a massive undertaking in itself — never mind the competition and keeping up with the ever-changing trends.

As product experts on vacuum sealing technology, we embrace our role as educators to the Shapers, Producers, and Innovators of the professional world.

Our origin story starts with a problem and ends with Invacus – advanced vacuum solutions’

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